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Time to move on [Apr. 12th, 2016|12:42 am]

Plus Account, Created on 19 April 2005 (#6848867), Last updated on 4 April 2016

So it's about 11 years of being here, at this platform that once was purely American, then suddenly zerg rushed by the post Soviet ivans, then actually purchased by them post Soviet Moscovite Yids...

More and more, year after year I've been thinking on leaving this shit. LJ is an obsolete platform, it's 100% post Soviet ivans oriented, it's managed by Moscovite kikes, plagued with political shit and jingoistic propaganda of all kinds... what's in it for me? I nearly stopped shitting in comments here since my last birthday, and without shitting in comment section this platform is boring. Post Soviet blogging is all about shit.

Maybe it's really the time to move on finally.
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Tragedy 1941 [Mar. 22nd, 2016|09:29 pm]

One of the most great tragedies this humanity has experienced on this planet (if it's a planet) is the entering and spreading of Abrahamic religions. That's a very fundamental tragedy, and - as for more local ones, I'm recalling the tragedy of the Ostfront 1941-1945.

I believe that things would've been fine if the Eastern Front campaign of the Nazis ended in 1941. But it didn't happen this way. Our ancestors chose to go die for Mausoleum, GULAG, Stalin and all that bolshevik shit covered with "the defend your Motherland, motherfucker" paper. They resisted and resisted. They listened to the lies from the radio, read newspapers, of course they knew it was all fucking lies about "peaceful USSR suddenly attacked by The Arch Enemy". But they chose what they chose, they'd already been brainwashed bigtime.

And, following the propaganda, they kept sacrificing themselves for several years. No biological being on this Earth would be able to do that, but our fucking ancestors fucking made it.

So the tragedy is the 2 parts: 1st - masses of population were turned into biorobots, and 2 - they sacrificed themselves, they died, and died, on and on... until the whole backbone of these 3 Slavic peoples: Ukrainians, Belorussians, and Russians, were badly maimed for good. Because if males of a population die in hundreds of thousands, that's the end of a population. 
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Rusky Bird Down [Mar. 20th, 2016|11:59 am]
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Another air bird fell on the ground with lots of Ruskies onboard
Ruskies moan and cry, some stupid idiots in Kiev bring flowers to the Rusky embassy etc.

But I wonder - how would them ivans react if something similar happened in Ukraine? Say, a plane crashed or an act of terror killing hundreds of people. It's not hard to predict their reaction - I've seen how they rejoyced when Ua militaries and law enforcements died, they mocked at the corpses, wrote all kinds of derogatory comments about "Ukrop smashed by GRAD", "killing Ukropigs in Donetsk safari" etc.

And now Ruskies get all upset and offended when they read aggressive comments from Ukrainian commenters mocking at that plane crash. What did they expect? How many of those who died in the crash supported the hybrid war against Ukraine? And why would I personally or any Ukrainian citizen feel sorry about dead Ruskies? The more they die, the less of them there'll be to come to Ukraine to fight against fascism.
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Shiksas [Mar. 15th, 2016|10:12 pm]

So devastating to see a judicial branch of power represented by some low level, worn out, unfresh, aging, filthy looking, ape-like, ostslawische bydło cunts.

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Muscovites [Mar. 10th, 2016|05:25 pm]

I interact a lot with Muscovites in comments on, like, Youtube. I dare to say that I know them all through. Hell, in a way I myself come from their kind. So yeah, I dare to say I know them.

As always, they put their own sins onto others' heads, like:

- Nearly every Muscovite is a fascist and nazi, so it's important for them to accuse Kokols (and some others) of this.
- Nearly every Muscovite is a pervert fag, so they always emphasize that Europe is all gay, the US are all gay, Kokols are all fags etc.
- Nearly every Muscovite always steers a discussion into the area of anal/genitals/feaces, and when spotted he always shouts, "It's you who brought it up first!!"

The more I interact with Muscovites, the less I think of them as of humans. They aren't really, but some form of human-lookiing life-form. Surely, Muscovites ain't people.
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Civil War In Ukraine [Mar. 8th, 2016|12:01 am]

Screenshot - 070316 - 23:57:10
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Why so Russophobic?? [Mar. 6th, 2016|01:40 pm]

Russkies and their collaborators in Ukraine are so infantile. They are sincerely amazed when they face hatred. They sincerely don't understand - why??

A Rusky in Russian Federation says, "I don't understand... why you hate us? We've done nothing wrong to you! All we did was just saying you don't exist, your language is fake, all your history is wrong and fake, we simply claimed your cities and towns are OURS... All we did was celebrating deaths of your soldiers and law enforcements in the war we started against you... We drew maps with no Ukraine in it, and we enjoyed all that. We praised Stalin and laughed at Ukrainians mourning over the victims of Bolshevism. That's all we did, so why the hell are you hating us???"

A malorossian collaborator in Ukraine says, "Damn, I don't understand why all my neighbours and friends hate me and tell me to ge the fuck out to Russia... What the hell, what've I done??? I just said the city I was born in is Russian because it was a part of Russian Empire 100+ years ago... I just hated the fake Ukrainian "language", I said it out loud, so what? I just promoted ideas of destroying this state of Ukraine and its being split between neighbouring countries. I just dreamt that one day Russia comes in my town. I just denied Ukrainian's opinions and version of history, I was fond of Bolshevik criminals and called them heroes... in a word, I hated all this Ukrainian shit, in all its forms and manifestations! And that's all I've done! Why do they hate me, can anybody tell me??"
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Types of patriotisms [Feb. 16th, 2016|11:27 pm]

Quite an interesting listing of types of "patriots" here:

1. Cosmopolitanism (antipatriotism)
"'Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel', a convenient tool for elites to oppress the common people". A citizen must be well fed, healthy, and protected, and it doesn't matter what colored piece of cloth is waving above 'the main building' in the town a citizen was born in."

And that's partly me, yeah.

2. Bellypatriotism

"What's good for a citizen is also good for the country. I.e. a true patriot must care the most about the level of prosperity, all the rest will follow. Just look at this small prospering country: everybody there is content and fed, rides bicycles and decorates their houses with flowers. Let's forget all that political nonsense, make peace with each other and live like people there."

In a way, that's me, too.

3. Necropatriotism

"There was The Great Country here before the state that exists now. It was an x number of decades (centuries, millenia?) ago, BUT... - we still remember it and keep loyalty to that Great Country unexistent now. The state existing now is but something random and all we can feel about it is despise, and nothing more..."

Ruskies. These are them, 100%.

4. Xenopatriotism

"There're great countries out there, unlike this country, they're wise, kind, and civilized. We have to listen to their advice and follow where they lead us, even if it leads to the confrontation with our pitiful and shitty authorities. Actually, I wish there was an occupation, so we would be occupied and incorporated by a higher Nation. That would be much, much better".

That's pretty much like me. That's 99% me.

5. Lumpen patriotism

"We're drunk and ass-naked, we're stupid, thieving, and talentless. No other country's like that. But that's not important BECAUSE WE'RE THE BEST! Because paradoxically in this misery we're undoubtedly invincible!"

Russies again. 100%.

6. Traditionalistic patriotism

"We are the rich, most civilized, and most talented of all. We live fine, and our future's bright, we hardly have any problems. The countries opposing us (and they're, like, dozens or more) are poor, cruel, and are just about to collapse due to their inner conflicts. Citizens of those countries are just a mass of zombies. Anyone who even fucking dares to doubt in the above is either a mentally sick imbecile, or our enemies' spy and/or propagandist."

Soviet patriots and contemporary Ruskies, again.

7. Ultrapatriotism

"Our authorities are to timid and undecisive to rule the country in today's time full of dangers. Internal enemies must be arrested, condemned and sent to forced labour camps; external enemies must be bombed or crushed with our tanks' tracks. 'Diplomacy' and 'democracy' is but crooks' fantasies. Just give us arms and in a couple of years even a janitor in our country will live like a rich man, and other countries will beg us to be our loyal vassals".

Neostalinistic Ruskies, Commie/Nazi (and these do coexist) Russkies.
Of course this path might be fun, but down the road it ends in nothing but being executed silently and without any regards to one's achievements.
And also it's a naive Ultra Right movement here in Ukraine that I see.

8. Rational patriotism

"Our state needs our support, and no matter how shitty our general situation might seems, we're still responsible for our country. Some ideas like, "execute the enemies of the state", "surrender to the Higher Nation", and "build more cycling lanes" are ok to think over but to concentrate fully on one of these will crush the state, which is proven not only by other countries' history, but our own too. If you feel you're a professional, you have all rights to legally influence the state's decisions. But again, you have to watch that making your ideas real don't lead to fighting against the state itself".

Yes, this is the most balanced position of all. The most rational, takes little of everything, and follows its goal. Can't say it's fully me, but I'd wish it was fully me.
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XXI century Neonazism [Feb. 10th, 2016|10:45 pm]

The only thing that could now enable white Europeans win not to lose to the middle Eastern insectoids is revival of the far right idea, "neonazism", so to say.

The accent falls on "neo-" here, that is, there must not be any sentiments about what happened in 1930-40s. What happened back then, it's far away, like Punic Wars, it's history already, it's long ago.

Of course, German Nazism is not the only possible nazism on the Earth. There can be many nazisms: Hungarian, Polish, Ukrainian, French, English, Scottish, Welsh, Italian, Spanish, etc. There's nothing wrong about it. Because as far as them Semitic scums are concerned, they're not even Nazis, they're of some prehistoric paleolythic animal world racism, the one that don't actually wants to deprive "the infidels" (i.e. "the whites" of course, they always mean whites) of their "freedoms", no - they think further, up to humiliation, robbing, and destruction. So there's no need to feel guilty about some "Nazism" word.

Then as for religion which is still a meaningful thing today. I think it's obvious that such an Abrahamic shit like "Christianity" made the whites exterminate each other for centuries for utterly empty causes, and it doesn't enable the whites to resist the Middle Eastern locust invasion. It absolutely don't. Therefore modern neonazi movements must turn to the roots beliefs of the ancestors long ago. Each people/nation would have their own gods, pantheons, and that'll be great, a completely right situation. Every tribe has its own god(s) - that was the truth before the Middle-Eastern/Byzantine plague came.

Thinking further, Neonazism mustn't really care of those "gods" people believe in - either gods-of-the-ancestors, or "atheism", "esoterics", "agnosticism", it doesn't matter. Well, of course, since today is today, would be stupid to start a holy war against Christian faith some whites do belive in. If a white Neonazi thinks Christianity's good for him, that's ok. This is the reality today after all.

What I mean is the true Neonazism is not the "if you don't think the way I do - I'm gonna kill you, you fucking infidel!" kind of attitude - the mentioned is actually quite an ancient reptiloid destrictive zeal from the Middle East. While Nazism is in fact a modern philosophy. And today's Neonazism must declare: "as long as we're from one root, it doesn't matter who you are - a christian, pagan, homosexual, beautician, doesn't matter which tales you heard as a kid, what language you think in and speak, all that ain't important because we're on the same side".

In fact, them Yids preach exactly this very Nazi shit! Them Yids, the #1 fighters against Fascism, lol. My ass...
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Brotherhood no more [Feb. 3rd, 2016|05:29 pm]

Opustoszała Rzeczpospolita, opustoszała Ukraina. Wilcy wyli na zgliszczach dawnych miast i kwitnące niegdyś kraje były jakby wielki grobowiec. Nienawiść wrosła w serca i zatruła krew pobratymczą. (H. Sienkiewicz "Ogniem i mieczem") The Commonwealth became a desert; a desert the Ukraine. Wolves howled on the ruins of former towns, and a land once flourishing became a mighty graveyard. Hatred grew into the hearts and poisoned the blood of brothers. (H. Sienkiewicz "Fith Fire and Sword")
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